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Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is the antivirus, anticancer super antioxidant. It is the most popular of Asian drinks and has been known for centuries to have a long list of health benefits. Interestingly, after water, it is the most widely consumed beverage on the earth.
Dr. Earl Mindell states, "the antioxidants specific to green tea are polyphenols, bioflavonoids that act as super antioxidants by neutralizing harmful fats and oils, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, blocking cancer-triggering mechanisms, inhibiting bacteria and viruses, improving digestion, and protecting against ulcers and strokes. The specific type of polyphenol found in green tea is called a catechin."

This catechin is similar to the substance found in grape seed extract that is the primary component of the proanthocyanadin molecule. The active polyphenols in green tea are the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate).

Other ingredients in green tea include the green chlorophyll molecules, but also important are the proanthocyanadins similar to those found in grape seed extract, pine bark, bilberry, and gingko. The specific tea is a variety called Camellia Sinensis.

Camellia Sinensis in the West is known as black tea, such as Earl Grey tea, orange pekoe tea, or English breakfast tea.

What Are Some of Green Tea’s Benefits?

Green tea inhibits cancer. Green tea protects the brain and liver. In one study, it was found to be two hundred times more protective against oxidation in the brain than vitamin E. Green tea is antibacterial. Green tea cures gum disease.

Green Tea Extract

Since green tea contains a significant amount of caffeine, and since ten to twenty cups a day would be necessary to take complete advantage of green tea’s protective properties, a green tea extract in capsular form would be the preferred method of use. Dr. Mindell recommends two capsules of 30 percent polyphenol green tea extract daily with meals to control specific disease(s).

How Green Tea Can Help You

Dr. Earl Mindell in his Super Antioxidant Miracle book describes ways in which green tea could help you. These ways include protective safeguards against possible breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer, skin cancer, and stomach cancer. "Further," he states, "it prevents oxidation reactions in the brain, acts as an antibacterial against harmful digestive bacteria, it cures gum disease, it lowers oxidized LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol, it lowers triglycerides, inhibits viruses such as HIV, hepatitis, and herpes viruses, and acts as an antioxidant protectant against damage to blood vessels."

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