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A typical sports drink contains so much sugar you could feed and army of ants on it for a week. And Drinks like Red Bull are so heavily caffeinated they make your ears stand on end.

We've got something developed with your health in mind - orange flavored Ener-Chi Sport, which combines ingredients that have been used in Asia for centuries to provide energy without a jolt and mental alertness without any letdown.

Why Ener Chi Sport?
  1. The Ultimate Sports Drink - Get a mental and physical energy boost before starting work or a workout with this delicious orange flavored energy elixir.
  2. The Unique Blend of Vitamins and Herbs gives you a sustained mental and physical energy boost without the "jolt and crash" you normally get from drinking coffee.
  3. Ener-Chi Sport also promotes thermogenesis, an increase in metabolism which helps to burn off body fat.
  4. Ener-Chi Sport is made with all natural ingredients and has no sugar, artificial sweeteners, sodium, preservatives or alcohol. It is also fat and calorie free, and has only 1mg of carbs and 60mg of natural caffeine.
  5. For a full list of ingredients and their uses, please click here.

    Directions: Add two dropperfuls to a tall glass of filtered water or into your water bottle and enjoy.