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Chi Tea Green Tea Extract
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Ultimate Green Tea is a Super Anti-oxidant. One cup of concentrated Ultimate Green Tea extract equals 12-15 cups of regular green tea. It is laboratory certified to be free of all herbicides, pesticides, and fluoride, and contains more than 95% Polyphenols and 62% EGCG.

Ultimate Green Tea is additionally fortified with concentrated extracts of Goji Berry, Astragalus and Lohan Kuo (a natural sweetener), all working together synergistically to make Ultimate Green Tea the purest and most potent natural herbal Elixir available today.

Why Ultimate Green Tea?
  1. Ultimate Green Tea is concentrated and is good health to the last drop. Each 30-drop dose of bottled Chi Green Tea concentrate splashing into the hot water in your teacup is equivalent to 12-15 cups of standard green tea. Scores of epidemiological and clinical studies in Japan and China have concluded that to get the optimal anti-oxidant immune system boost needed to add years to your life while resisting cancer, heart disease, stroke and other ills, you’d need to drink 15 to 20 cups of green tea a day -- which many people in those countries do. But that’s a lot of trips to the Mens’ or Ladies’ room. With concentrated Chi, two cups does it all.
  2. Ultimate Green Tea concentrate is the purest you can buy. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that imported green tea leaves be sprayed with pesticides before entering this country. Not so Chi. Chi Green Tea is raised organically in the hill country of the Far East. Each tender young leaf is harvested as it has been for centuries. Hand-picked. The old-fashioned way. Chi leaves are quickly steamed on site to prevent degradation by oxidation, rolled to squeeze juices to the surface, and then dried before going through a natural water extraction process without the use of alcohol or chemical solvents. The pure polyphenol-rich liquid is shipped to the United States in sealed vats. Chi is untouched by herbicides, pesticides or insecticides from our seedlings to your lips. CHI TEA is additionally fortified with concentrated extracts of Goji Berry, Astragalus, and Lohan Kuo, all working together synergistically to make CHI TEA the purest and most potent natural Elixir available today.
  3. Ultimate Green Tea concentrate is economical. Drink two cups a day and a single bottle lasts a month.
  4. Green Tea teabags can’t begin to do the job. Whether you buy your teabags from a grocery store or a health food store, most of what you’re buying is convenience. Teabags are filled with leftovers from tea bins -- the green tea “dust” remaining after the higher quality leaves have been patiently sifted out. And if it’s decaffeinated, it’s often not with water, which preserves the health- giving polyphenols, but more rapidly, using harsh alkaloid solutions, which may destroy them.
  5. Drinking Green Tea is like taking a job officiating at Tea Ceremonies. Studies have shown that the healthiest and longest-lived occupation in Japan is that of the women who teach or practice the ancient ritual known as chanoyu, the Tea Ceremony and thus drink large quantities of green tea. (A study following the lives of 3,380 of these women for nine years compared them very favorably against other Japanese women, “indicating the possibility that green tea is a protective factor against premature death.”) It’s good for them, and -- thanks to Chi’s concentration, requiring far fewer cups -- it should be just as good for you.
  6. Green Tea is state-of-the-art Preventive Medicine. The National Cancer Research Institute in Tokyo recently issued this succinct summation of its studies: “We suggest that drinking green tea may be one of the most practical methods of cancer prevention available at the present time.” One of many reasons for that statement: As long ago as 1992, the Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology stated (Vol. 23), “Green tea has been shown to enhance the liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens and thus act as a cancer preventative.”
  7. Hearty Green Tea is great for the heart. At Zhejing Medical University Hospital in China, researchers found that sipping green tea in sufficient quantities helped reduce blood coagulation, prevented platelet stickiness and clumping, decreased the amount of cholesterol in artery walls, and even helped break clots that had already formed. Studies conducted at the University of Scranton (Pa.) confirm that green tea is a superior anti-oxidant, highly effective at preventing the oxidation of bloodstream LDL and the resultant clogging of arteries. A recently published study on Sept 2006 in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that " Those who drank five or more cups of green tea a day, over the course of 11 years, had a death rate overall and from heart disease in particular that was 16 percent lower than those who drank less than one cup daily.
  8. Green Tea is an active disease fighter. Life Extension magazine devoted two major articles in its June 1999 issue to Green Tea’s remarkable properties. The first emphasized anti-aging and cancer-fighting with 44 references to supporting scientific journal articles and studies. The second covered Green Tea’s heart-protective qualities with 51 journal references.
  9. You could write a book about Green Tea’s health-giving benefits. Lester Mitcher, Ph.D did. It’s titled, “The Green Tea Book,” and among health benefits it cites are these: Reduces the risk of cancer. (A few of many study conclusions: Japan has the world’s lowest rate of prostate cancer. The tea-growing, heavy green tea-drinking Shizuoka province of Japan has an even lower death rate from cancer than does the country as a whole. In Okinawa, women who drank ten or more cups of tea daily slashed their risk of lung cancer a startling 62 percent.) Strengthens the body during radiation and chemotherapy by maintaining or increasing white blood counts. (In a Chinese study of cancer patients with stubborn low white cell counts, green tea extract supplements raised counts by more than 50 percent in 60 percent of patients, while 31 percent of patients had improvements of 30 to 50 percent.) Enhances immune function and fights infection. Boosts longevity. Lowers total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels. Increases HDL-cholesterol levels. Reduces blood pressure. Acts as a “blood thinner,” reducing the risk of heart attack. Lessens the likelihood of death from heart attack. Decreases the risk of stroke. (Men with high intakes of polyphenols have almost 75 percent fewer strokes than men with low intakes.) And, less dramatic but no small matter in itself, aids digestion. It’s all in the book -- in painstaking detail. And you can find “The Green Tea Book” at health food stores or order it on the web.
  10. And a final last-minute note. Newly-completed lab tests establish that Chi Green Tea purity is unsurpassed by any other product on the market. A check of labels of other liquid concentrates in the stores reveals that they are either not organic or not caffeine-free and the best of them claim polyphenol levels of only 60 to 80 percent.

Independent laboratory tests have certified Chi Green Tea’s content as greater than 95 percent polyphenols. (The actual lab test was even higher.) Furthermore, Alpha Labs confirmed something we were certain it would. Full-spectrum testing of Chi Green Tea concentrate detected 0.000 pesticide residues. You and your body can’t do better than that.  

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